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Chemical Water Analysis

We offer multiple techniques for the analysis of drinking water, surface water, groundwater,
wastewater, and industrial water to comply with legislation and regulations. regulatory
standards and approve analytical methods for testing drinking water and wastewater
discharged to surface water.
Water quality guidelines can be used to identify constituents of concern in water, to determine
the levels to which the constituents of water must be treated for various purposes. The need
for standards and guidelines in water quality stems from the need to protect human health.
Water Analysis usually polluted:

Water Analysis (Chemical & Microorganism)

Chemically by some heavy metals (Ni, Cd,
Pb, Mn and Fe) and (pH, hardness, presence
of a selected group of chemical parameters,
highly toxic chemicals,……)
• pH
• Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
• Electrical Conductivity
• Iron
• Chlorine
• Hardness
• etc…


Microorganism Water Analysis
This analysis is extremely important as
presence of Pathological contamination
of water may occur due to contact majorly
with human faeces and the major bacteria
are the coliforms.
1. Legionella Pneumophila
• SG 1,
• SG 2-14
• Species
2. Total Bacteria Count (TBC)
3. Pseudomans Aeruginusa
4. Escherichia Coli