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Why we need to clean our Tanks

  • Tanks can build up sludge deposits which
    are often a combination of condensation,
    corrosion and solids.
  • Sludge can cause premature failure of the
    tank as it assists corrosion and it can also
    block filters and pipe work, resulting in the
    failure of the system.
  • Major cause of illnesses to Humans is
    contaminated water.
  • Dirty water is responsible for most of
    illnesses in the world such as cholera,
    typhoid fever, diarrhea, hepatitis, etc.

General Information:

• Kahramaa Water is disinfected using the
most advanced process and material.
• Clean your Tank at least every 6 months to
maintain the water quality
• Tanks cleaning is a particularly hazardous
activity as it involves working in confined

Traditional Methods of Tanks Cleaning

Conventional tank cleaning process usually
needs human to enter into the tank to do the
manual procedure. This process requires a
numerous amount of water. Usually, dirt/
waste residue stuck in some areas of the
tank that can be difficult to clean so you
may need to spend a little extra time getting
into these areas.

Automatic Method of Tanks Cleaning

Combing the know-how of performing disinfection and using our state of the Art machinery that

  • Eliminate Confined Space Entry.
  • Clean the Entire Tank Surface (every squared cm of the tank internal surface area).
  • Use less water (85 % less compared to traditional cleaning methods).
  • Use the Fuel as a cleaning medium (when cleaning fuel storage tank).

We can clean tank from Barrel and tote size to a much bigger sizes of
tank, and since the tool works only by utilizing the pressure there will be
no electrical machinery involved inside the tank which is an advantage
over other systems.

  • Eliminate Confined Space Entry
  • Using this technic now you can do disinfection
    without the need to fill the entire tank and flush
    and fill it again
  • Clean the Entire Tank Surface (every squared
    cm of the tank internal surface area)
  • Use less water (85 % less compered to
    traditional cleaning methods)
  • Quicker